MAT Overview

MAT Overview

The degree of Master of Arts in Theology (MAT) is a theological program of Eastern Christian studies at the graduate level. It prepares students for lay leadership by providing a systematic theological framework and is seen as a necessary prerequisite for future doctoral level studies. The MAT degree program prepares candidates for further study, research and teaching who will be able to:

  • read the primary sources of Byzantine Catholic Tradition contextually and critically;
  • employ appropriate methodologies in the study of Sacred Scripture, Dogmatics, Theology, Liturgical Theology and Pastoral Theology;
  • undertake independent theological research;
  • engage in clear theological discourse both in writing and in speech;
  • integrate various theological disciplines and methods into a coherent and relevant vision of Byzantine Catholic faith.



Please review the following pages for more information about our MAT program:

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Thesis / Comprehensive Exam
Tuition & Fees
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