Byzantine Online Course Descriptions

Byzantine Online Course Descriptions

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Summer 2019 Credit Courses

Accelerated 7-week program (2 lectures each week)

LT 205:  The Theology and Ministry of the Christian Diaconate (Dcn. Daniel Dozier) (Summer 1, begins Monday June 3rd)

Since the days of the Apostles, Deacons have served as public ministers of the Church, ordained to the service of the Word, Worship and Charity. And yet, despite their great antiquity, the identity and ministry of the Deacon have been a source of debate and controversy throughout history. This graduate course will explore the biblical, liturgical, patristic, magisterial and pastoral roots and fruits of diaconal ministry in the common life of the Churches of East and West. Students will gain an appreciation for the identity and role of the Deacon in the Church in the past, the present and the future.

(3 Credits)

WR 101: RESEARCH METHODS (Mark Collins, M.F.A.) (Summer 1, begins Monday June 3rd)

This research class provides the basics for successfully performing graduate-level research as well as developing skills for critical reading and writing. This includes analysis and evaluation of print primary as well as secondary resources, online databases, Internet sources and proper research sources and authorities. In addition, students will learn the basics of formatting a document in Microsoft Word including pagination, table of contents, use of linked headings, footnotes and endnotes, inserting images, and captioning. Short lessons on PowerPoint and Excel as research aids are also included. By the end of this course, the learners should be able to:

  • Summarize, paraphrase and quote useful data from a variety of sources.
  • Critically evaluate data/information.
  • Format complex Word documents.
  • Successfully utilize PowerPoint and Excel in support of research.
  • Analyse, comment on and critique scholarly theological literature.

(2 credits)

DT 105:  Ecumenism:  Orientale Lumen Conference (Summer 2, begins Monday, July 1st)

Lectures and discussion based on content from the Orientale Lumen Conference (Washington, DC, June 17-20, 2019):  “One City, One Bishop:  Church Boundaries Past, Present and Future.”

 Invited speakers include:

  • Cardinal Kurt Koch /Fr Hyacinthe Destivelle.
  • Father John Erickson, Dean Emeritus, St Vladimir’s
  • Father Andriy Dudchenko, Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Deacon Daniel Galadza, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Kyiv
  • Dr. Adam DeVille, St Francis University
  • Dr. Anastacia Wooden, The Catholic University of America
  • Dr. Will Cohen (moderator), University of Scranton

(1 hour; 1 semester)

DT 108:  Christ’s Descent Into Hell (TBA) (Summer 2, begins Monday, July 1st)

This course will deepen the student’s theological understanding and appreciation of the Church’s faith concerning the revealed truth of Christ’s descent into hell through engagement with Scripture, the various fonts of Sacred Tradition (patristic consensus, liturgy, art, etc.), and magisterial teaching.  The development of the doctrine and historical challenges to it will also be given suitable attention.

(2 Credits)

Summer 2019 Certificate Course

BO-DT 202:  Byzantine Perspectives on Social Justice (Abouna Justin Rose) (Begins Monday June 3rd)

St. Basil the Great teaches that justice and love constitute the Christian community. He criticized the life of hermits by asking, “whose feet do they wash?” Reflecting on John 13, Basil taught the importance of care for others. Following in his footsteps, this course will engage both Scripture and the Fathers to address contemporary justice issues. Is there a uniquely Byzantine view of Social Justice? Can Eastern Christians make a contribution to the excellent tradition of Social Justice found in Roman Catholic and some of the other Western Churches? This course will argue for a “yes” answer to both questions.