25 Reasons to Consider an MAT at BCS

25 Reasons to Consider an MAT at BCS


  1. Advanced degrees are useful for employment, job advancement and open doors to future potential career opportunities.
  2. Very affordable (and your tuition qualifies as Lifetime Learning Credits towards your income tax refund).
  3. Your credits may transfer.
  4. Online courses available.
  5. Attend part-time or full-time.
  6. Daytime and evening courses available.
  7. Lay a foundation for further advanced studies (PhD, other Master degrees).
  8. Acceptance into the MAT program: Seminaries are like law schools in the sense that a seminary does not require any particular major in your undergraduate degree.
  9. Prepare for careers in many different fields:
  • Working with church-related organizations
  • Social services
  • Chaplain
  • Missionary work
  • Becoming a leader in a Christian organization
  • Teach at a Catholic secondary school



  1. Bishops ensure content is authentic Catholic teaching.
  2. Accredited by The Association of Theological Schools (February 2008) – this place Ss. Cyril and Methodius on the same level with any other theological school in the US. Seminary received reaccreditation in 2012 for a period of seven years before the next required self-study and re-accreditation in 2019.
  3. Degree authorized by Pennsylvania Department of Education (April 22, 2003).
  4. Over 60-year history.
  5. Only free-standing Byzantine Catholic seminary in the United States.



  1. Prepare for catechist/religious instructor, lay theologian, or design a ministry.
  2. Without knowing the real truth of your faith, you’ll start to believe the heresies.
  3. The Seminary community: discuss faith and interact with Seminarians, clergy and other Christians, not skeptics.
  4. Learn about faith from ordained clergy who have made faith their vocation and qualified lay professors.
  5. Deepen your understanding of your relationship with Jesus Christ though examining scripture, liturgy, theology, etc.
  6. We need tools for living: each person and each generation will evaluate the role of faith in their lives, in light of their own experiences – one needs a firm grasp of faith basics in order to reach reasonable conclusions and make sound decisions.
  7. Better ability to explain faith– clearly and convincingly – to family, friends and others with confidence.
  8. Personal enrichment – once you learn something new, you’re never the same person.
  9. Play a larger role in the Church: one Catholic Archbishop predicted, “The presence of the Church in the society of tomorrow we be lay lead, but (lay) lead by men and women who have a profound understanding of what faith in Jesus Christ entails.”
  10. Some of us find something new that moves or pushes us each time we are in church, read something in scripture or have conversations about faith with family or friends. Seminary classes offer the opportunity to explore these interests.
  11. If our vision of religion is minimalistic and if our knowledge of what the faith is all about is deficient, we trivialize the role of faith in our life – it won’t be strong enough to transform our lives.