Formation for Priests seeking Bi-ritual Faculties

Formation for Priests seeking Bi-ritual Faculties

The Byzantine Catholic Seminary’s program for priests seeking bi-ritual faculties is an on-campus program lasting one academic year (or first semester of one year and second semester of another year). The convenience of living at the Seminary in a community of formation with a complete schedule of liturgical services, food service, and housing in a private room/bath of the Seminary annex provides adequate comfort for necessary learning and rest. Attendance at liturgical services together with the following required courses (taken for credit or audited) constitutes the structure of this program:

  • Introduction to Dogmatics
  • Introduction to Liturgy/Sacraments
  • Foundations of Spirituality
  • Introduction to Music
  • Chant I
  • 4 Liturgical Practicum courses
  • Comparative Liturgical Calendars and Canon Law – East and West (may be directed independent study)

The following are due by May 1st for admittance in the following academic year:

  • Application form, printed from this link
  • Letter of good standing/background clearance from the priest’s bishop or superior
  • Letter of sponsorship to be formed for bi-ritual faculties from bishop or superior
  • Resume
  • Recent photograph

Costs and Fees:

  • Housing $3,600 per semester
  • Food $2,000 per semester
  • Bi-ritual program required courses $5,775 total tuition (at audit rate)*

*tuition varies according to individualized curriculum

Priests in the bi-ritual program are billed following the beginning of each semester.