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Advisory Council Addresses Formation Stages

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The Advisory Council of the Seminary met most recently on the 13th of October.

The members were given a tour of the Seminary building so that they could see first hand the many positive results of the summer renovation work, including dome restoration, computer networking, “like new” desks for the student rooms, new carpeting for the library, and a study room for students.

The Advisory Council was delighted to hear positive reports about development in the student body, faculty, academic programs, pastoral formation, personal formation, and finances.

Advisory Council members, who have as their primary task the advising of the Rector, were asked to focus on students who are in the Seminary at different stages of formation, and those who have graduated.  What is seen in their formational progress or in their ministry that indicates how the Seminary might be of better service to its students?

The Advisory Council is scheduled to meet next in May of 2012.


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