Melkite Seminarian Takes First Step to Priesthood

At the hand of His Grace Archbishop Cyril Bustros, Seminarian Musil Shihadeh was tonsured to minor orders on new seminariansSunday, Sept. 26, 2010.  Family and friends gathered at St. John the Baptist Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Northlake, IL to celebrate this first step toward the priesthood for the young man from the Eparchy of Newton. The Hierarchal Divine Liturgy was concelebrated by Archbishop Cyril and Rt. Rev. Fouad Sayegh, Musil’s pastor. Throughout the service, Archbishop Cyril explained the symbolism of the tonsuring and the washing of the bishop’s hands by the ordinand.

 “This is a momentous occasion for me,” Subdeacon Musil explained, “because I really feel supported by my family and friends in my vocation.”

new seminariansSpeaking of attending Byzantine Catholic Seminary, the new subdeacon, a third year Theology student, remarked: “Since the first day I walked in through the doors, I have found a great support even though I am Melkite. The community at the Seminary not only provides the education necessary for being a priest, but also has the fraternal support within the community to help one in discerning his vocation.” Convinced that his experiences throughout the years spent in formation will last a lifetime, Subdeacon Musil adds, “Regardless of what I do by the end of my fourth year, priesthood or not, the Seminary really has shaped me to be the person I am today.” 

He also sincerely extends his gratitude to the Byzantine Catholic Metropolitan Church. “I love being involved with the Ruthenian Church, which has supported me on many levels, and the people and priests accepted me as one of their own,” Musil confides. “This attitude really makes me feel loved wherever I go in the world.”