Deacon Formation Program Admission Criteria

1. An applicant must be at least 32 years old but not above 65 years old at the anticipated time of ordination.
2.  Baptized and Chrismated with Holy Myron.
3.  Possess the morals and the physical and psychological qualities in harmony with receiving a sacred order.
4.  Successfully pass a background investigation including a finger print check.
5.  Pass a psychological evaluation.
6.  Submit a letter from his physician stating that the applicant is of sufficient good health to pursue the course of studies and perform the duties of a deacon.
7.  Have the written endorsement of his proper pastor.
8.  The applicant must not have any canonical impediments according to the norm of CCEC Canon 762.
9.  Be a lawful subject of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Pittsburgh before the application process is begun.
10.  If married, be in a stable marriage of not less than eight (8) years and have the written, informed consent of his wife.
11.  Have been continuously active in a Byzantine Catholic parish (i.e. cantor, catechist, parish council, officer of parish organization) for the five preceding years and have such activity attested to by the pastor.
12.  Have an identified and verified diaconal need to be filled by the applicant.
13.  Have obtained a college degree or its equivalent.
14.  Having received a decree of nullity as to a previous marriage shall not be grounds for automatic rejection of an applicant. All papers concerning the application, investigation and granting of the decree shall be submitted to the Director of the Deacon Formation Program. He, having reviewed such and having interviewed the applicant regarding such, shall forward all of the papers together with his recommendation to the Metropolitan. The Metropolitan shall decree whether or not such circumstances shall disqualify the applicant.
15.  Be recommended by the Director of the Deacon Formation Program.
16.  Be accepted as a diaconal candidate by the Metropolitan.


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