Since it opened its doors in 1950, the Byzantine Catholic Seminary has played an important role in the formation of nearly 300 priests. With the inception of the Deacon Formation Program in 1999, and two more Deacon Programs following, the seminary now numbers more men as alumni. As the seminary becomes a Byzantine Center of Learning, inviting both men and women from all over the world to study Byzantine theology, we will become "alma mater" to others.

We invite all alumni to maintain contact with us and to support us in our endeavors. Please write, call, or update your current address using our online form. We hope to expand this site with names and e-mail addresses of all alumni so that you may be in touch with one another. We look forward to hearing from you. If you prefer, you may call us at (412) 321-8383, #10.

We have compiled a list of lost alumni for whom we have no valid mailing address. Please help us reconnect! If you are in contact with any of the persons on the list, please ask them to send their new address to Jack Miller with “Lost Alumni” as the subject line.

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